Communication Based on 69xxxxxxxx Numbers (GSM Modem)

Alternative method of 2Way SMS communication in which the user can send SMS to a 10 digit mobile phone number instead of a five-digit number.

The service can support about 15 SMS / min. With higher quantities of sms, the additional messages remain in a queue and are delivered as time passes.
SMS sending charges the sender only the cost of a simple SMS. The sending of reply SMS is accomplished via the Bulk SMS service and is charged with credits.


General Information

The service is offered on two levels:

  • SIM Card Hosting
    Yuboto can host your own SIM card at a secure Data Center. That means that your messages are directly received and forwarded to the online control panel that we offer, or forwarded to your own application, where you can monitor them in real time.
    This service is ideal if you need to receive a large quantities of messages, or if you don’t want the users to enter a prefix at the beginning of their messages.
    In addition, the service supports receiving MMS messages that can be automatically forwarded to your email or website in order to process them or publish them on the internet.
  • Shared GSM Modem
    The Shared GSM Modem service allows you to host your own 2Way communication service at a Shared GSM Modem. The restriction is that the users of your service will have to type a prefix at the beginning of the message in order for us to know that the message is directed to your account. We will then forward it either to the service’s online control panel, or to your own application.


Features of 2WaySMS communication service via GSM Modem:

  • Allows the receipt of messages from subscribers of any network in the world in contrast to the Premium SMS service.
  • The cost of sending a SMS to the service is minimal, and is determined by the tariff activated in the sender’s phone. In some cases it may be free or of very low cost depending on the sender’s network.
  • Ideal when automated sending and receiving information is required, but no phone or internet is available.



  • Mobile CRM
    Stay in constant contact with your company’s employees at very low cost.
  • Machine2Machine Communication
    Communication with vending machines in order to forward the daily statistics via SMS
  • Communication With Remote Facilities
    Receive signals from meteorological stations, transmitters and other remote fix or mobile systems.
  • Programming the Remote Devices via SMS Commands
    Send encrypted SMS commands to remote devices, and receive a reply SMS to confirm execution of the order.
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