Thursday, 09 March 2017 16:02

White Offer 15/03 - 16/03


White Offer is the brand new campaign of rotating offers by Yuboto, which will provide innovative gadgets and unique technology gear to its customers.

The first “White Offer” presents Yuboto-M5, the smallest and lightest mobile card phone with size similar to that of a credit card. The offer is valid for 2 days only and requires a purchase of 1500 credits that worth 88,50€+VAT.

Yuboto-M5 is the absolute trend, being one of the hottest gadgets in its category. Some of its features are: the unique style, the significant autonomy it can provide with 4 days standby time, its anti-smartphone character. Most of all, Yuboto-M5 can be a great back-up device that gives maximum flexibility, as it fits even inside a regular wallet.

White Offer is valid for two days only, Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 of March 2017. Offer applies exclusively to purchases according to the official price list.

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The offer stands for purchases of 1500 credits or more.
With each purchase you are entitled to one card phone.
In case you wish to receive more than one card phones, you will have to purchase accordingly, 1500 credits minimum, each time.
Important note. In order to receive the card phone, you have to confirm your address by calling us on (+30) 2111144111.