Mobile Marketing & Βulk Messaging:

3 brand new chapters including all the updates and the latest advancements.

6 months and 6.000 downloads later, the Yuboto eBook returns…

The complete guide of Mobile Marketing communication has been enriched, updated and is here to introduce all the developments of the past months and the leading role of WhatsApp and RCS!

Vol. 2 introduces all the newest mobile marketing tools that will revolutionize business messaging:

  • Google RCS:   SMS v2.0 has come! How, when and where?
  • Viber Messaging:   7 out of 10 consumers are constantly here.
    Bulk messaging is already evolving!
  • WhatsApp:   the most popular app is developing into a powerful marketing tool.
    Discover now the WhatsApp experience.
  • URLIT:   Convert any message to Landing Page.