SMS Marketing for Business

Start today with SMS Marketing, one of the most effective communication channels, and increase sales while building stronger relationships with your audience.

Bulk SMS campaigns are an ideal marketing tool for your business, as they are easy to implement and very affordable.

Send promotional SMS that
drive results in a few minutes

Inform all your subscribers
reliably within seconds

Keep your customers engaged
with personalized SMS

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Reasons to use SMS Marketing

95% Open Rate

95% Open Rate

With SMS you ensure that all your subscribers will read your messages, as SMS marketing comes with a great open rate percentage.

Άμεση Παράδοση

Instant Delivery

Bulk SMS messages are delivered within seconds to the recipients and so you can communicate important notifications and limited offers in real time.

Χαμηλό Κόστος

Low Cost

The required budget for an SMS marketing campaign is significantly lower than the one required for other advertising options such as online advertising.

Email & SMS Marketing

Easy to Use

Implement very easily effective SMS campaigns using a user-friendly panel that doesn’t require any technical know-how or expertise.

SMS Marketing Features & Capabilities

Personalized Content
Send bulk SMS campaigns, in which each message is unique and its content is adjusted to the recipient. 6 personalized tags enable you to tailor the content according to the profile and personal information of each recipient.

SMS with Rich Content
Add rich content to your bulk SMS messages by using mobile landing pages that support unlimited text, images, videos, CTAs. Make your SMS campaigns more attractive with eye-catching visuals and interactive videos.

Short Trackable URLs
Use trackable URLs in your SMS campaigns in order to know exactly how many and which subscribers read your message and clicked the link. Having this information will make it easy for you to run targeted remarketing campaigns.

Scheduled SMS & Templates
Create templates for the SMS messages that you send frequently. This way you’ll be able to implement new campaigns in a few minutes. Schedule the time of sending in advance, so that your messages are delivered in the perfect timing.

Unsubscribe URL
Place in your messages an unsubscribe link and give your recipients the choice of opting-out from your subscribers' lists. The unsubscribe link is very useful for maintaining in your lists only the recipients that actually want to receive messages.

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