The Omni Messaging Platform that makes sure your Message is Heard! Leverage the mobile channels your audience already use to deliver any message. Octapush integrates a full set of mobile marketing channels providing effective and on time communication with your customers. Reach target audiences on their favored channels boost engagement and offer a unique customer experience.

Παρεχόμενες υπηρεσίες

Messaging Channels

  • SMS
  • Viber (& Fallback to SMS)
  • Landing Pages
  • RCS
  • Mobile Cards (mCoupons, mTickets, mLoyalty)
  • Voice Mesages
  • WhatsApp (Coming Soon)
  • Messenger (Coming Soon)


  • All the available mobile marketing channels in one panel
  • Cloud service
  • Available as White Label (SaaS)
  • Detailed reporting per channel
  • Subaccounts Feature
  • Free Technical Support 24/7/365