Viber Business Messaging

With over 1.1 billion users worldwide, Viber is a must-have marketing channel for your Business!

Viber Marketing: The most effective and efficient promotional campaigns via one of the most popular messaging apps.

Viber Messaging by Yuboto

Create rich campaigns with personalized content

Viber Messaging by Yuboto

Start real-time dialogue with your audience

Viber Messaging by Yuboto

Share files and automate communication via Chatbots

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Viber Messaging by Yuboto

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Yuboto - Rakuten Viber Strategic Partnership

Yuboto is the official Partner of Rakuten Viber in Greece

Viber Bulk Messages
Interesting Facts

Top 10

Viber is at the Top 10 of the most popular Google Play Apps of all time

No. 1
in Greece

9 out of 10 users have installed the app. 1 out of 2 use it daily.

are on Viber

75% of Viber users are between 18 and 35 years old. Millennials are the most active consumer group.

Viber Messaging by Yuboto

7 out of 10 consumers

prefer messaging to communicate with brands and seek personalized

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Viber Messaging by Yuboto

1 channel for multiple use cases
From direct marketing campaigns and real time customer support, to sending notifications and files, VIber encompasses all the communication options for modern-day businesses.

Official Business Profile
Increase your credibility and the audience’s trust by creating an official Viber account for your business with useful info such as: brief company profile and link to your website.

Viber Messaging by Yuboto

Viber Messaging by Yuboto

Measurable Results
See exactly how many and which customers received, opened or clicked your message. Viber provides full and detailed performance statistics for every campaign. This way, you can optimize your next sendings.

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Viber for Business in action


Personalized offers that increase sales


Reminders for products left at the shopping cart


Instant alerts for the activity of the account

Shipping Companies

Notifications and updates regarding the delivery time