Services and Solutions of Υuboto

Yuboto is a leading company that develops and provides innovative mobile marketing services and advanced telecommunication solutions.

Mobile Marketing


Targeted Mobile Campaigns

Leverage all the Mobile Marketing tools and Business Messaging channels to perform cost effective marketing campaigns that bring results.


CalendApp Online Booking System
Manage with ease your Click Inside, Click in Shop & Click Away appointments.

Viber Messaging
The most efficient & effective mobile marketing channel.

Web to SMS
Send SMS to any mobile phone from any PC with internet connection.

Automatically send SMS via web and applications.

Email to SMS
Send SMS from any program or application sends emails.

Email to MMS
Send MMS from any software or application that sends emails.

Birthday SMS
Send automated birthday SMS messages to friends and clients

Send emails using SMS
Send emails using SMS from old technology mobile phones with no internet connection.

Receive emails using SMS
Receive Gmail, Hotmail or any other Email account as SMS on any mobile phone without the need of an internet connection.

2way SMS
Implement interactive SMS services on 5 Digit Premium SMS or hosted SIM cards in one of our data-centers.

MMS Plus
Send unlimitted text, images, videos and sounds with a simple sms.

Voice Services


Enterprise Telephony Solutions

Explore the most advanced telephony services and upgrade your business communications with top-class features.

Click to Call
Click2Call® is a telecommunications solution that allows visitors of a website to request a free callback, thus eliminating queues and IVR's. Converts your website visitors into customers!

Alerts and Notification Campaigns
Notify large groups of people effectively, in no time, and with low cost. Boost customer loyalty and drive sales!

Lead Generation & Telemarketing
Send prerecorded voice messages to thousands of recipients. The service is ideal for telemarketing and lead generation. Communicate only with interested leads.

Telephone Surveys
Conduct automated telephone surveys with multiple choice questions using prerecorded voice messages.

VoIP Telephony
High Quality VoIP telephony and inbound DID, Virtual PBX, Ring Groups, IVR, Conferences, Hosted PBX, Virtual PBX.

Barcode Services


e-Tools for Business

Create electronic coupons and cards, start a fully featured mobile-loyalty system for your clients and send your own e-tickets.

Mobile Ticketing
A system for creating, sending and managing m-tickets.

Mobile Couponing
Create mobile coupon campaigns, delivering coupons to customers’ mobile phones.

Mobile Loyalty
Create a mobile based Customer Loyalty System.

Mobile Cards
Convert Plastic cards to electronic Mobile Cards that are stored directly to your customer's mobile phone.