Important Update! Goviber evolves and upgrades to Octapush

Say Hello to Octapush
On 22/9, Goviber is evolving into Octapush

Goviber gets a new look, brand-new logo, 3 new features and… becomes Octapush!

New Features & Functionalities

  • Maximum Personalization – We add 14 more personalization tags to make every message unique.
  • CalendApp becomes multilingual, as it will support all languages.
  • Unicode characters on messages will be recognized automatically.

The interface, all the features and all of your data will remain exactly the same.

Stay tuned, as very soon, new communication channels and exciting features will become available in order to further enhance your communication with your customers.

Login Process to the new Octapush Platform

The transition process from Goviber to Octapush will take place on 22/9, without requiring any action from you.

You’ll simply login to Octapush by entering the same login credentials (email & password) you used to login to Goviber.

Note: Up until 21/9 you’ll continue using Goviber for your campaigns.