General and specific terms of Click2Call®

These general and specific terms of use are posted in full on yuboto.com and visitors may access them while browsing the website, as well as before and during registration to the provided services. Users are required to confirm that they acknowledge and accept the terms of use in order to receive the code needed to activate the account giving them access to the provided services. YUBOTO, Ltd. assumes that all users have read said terms of use and agree with them.


The Click2Call® service is an online web-based application. The amounts charged by YUBOTO, Ltd. for offering this service to users are indicated in the relevant tables that can be found in the corresponding web page of the company. The Click2Call® service allows users visiting affiliated websites to contact the owners of the latter directly and without charge, simply by using their phone or cell phone, thus exempting them from call charges, regardless of their geographical position.

The service allows communication between clients of YUBOTO, Ltd., who provides the service, and customers of the former. Call cost is fully covered by YUBOTO, Ltd. clients, based on prepaid time bought from YUBOTO, Ltd. for the duration thereof. YUBOTO, Ltd. is obligated to provide clients using the service with information regarding the number, duration, and status of calls made by their customers via the application.


Is in no way, legal or other, connected to the client using the Click2Call® application beyond the call time sales contract.

bears no responsibility for clients' activities,

does not participate in conversations between the visitor calling and the client being called,

is not in any way and at any time informed or made aware of the content of conversations, considering that YUBOTO, Ltd. takes part in the Click2Call® process only to provide technical support, the application software and the technical means to provide this telecommunication service; the telecommunication time is in turn obtained from third-party telecommunications providers. Therefore, YUBOTO, Ltd., who has developed the Click2Call® application, does not provide telecommunication capability independently, and does not guarantee, is responsible for, or regulate the quality, fidelity, and steady supply of services by third-party telecommunications providers. YUBOTO, Ltd. bears no responsibility for technical issues arising from the telephone lines or network and the Interactive Voice Response system in general, such as temporary disruptions caused by or falling under the competence, responsibility or influence of a third-party telecommunications service provider, due to vis major or unforeseen damage to the IVR equipment. If unforeseen damage is noted, users should contact the client directly in order to have the issue resolved in a reasonable amount of time.


YUBOTO, Ltd. undertakes the task of making calls towards the networks of other phone companies and is not responsible if some of them fail or are delayed, or if call sound is distorted.

The successful and timely call connection depends on whether:

-The network the call is made to is available.

-The called party's cell phone is turned on and under network coverage if the call is made towards a cellular network.

-The networks are overloaded.

Consequently, YUBOTO, Ltd. bears no responsibility for untimely, delayed or failed calls. For every call made, a detailed history is created and kept based on the protection of privacy and personal data.

YUBOTO, Ltd. will take comprehensive, timely, and proper action to maintain and ensure the availability of yuboto.com. Nevertheless, users accept that YUBOTO, Ltd. may modify and/or temporarily or permanently take the website off line, in whole or in part, with or without prior notification, considering that availability may be affected by user equipment, network provider activity, the number of users on the website at any given time, or other causes. Therefore, YUBOTO, Ltd. bears no responsibility for any kind of damage (compensatory, consequential, due to negligence, contractual, etc.) resulting from the use of the website or user inability to access it, from part or the whole of the website being off line, from the services being delayed, undelivered, interrupted or experiencing poor reception, from content loss, and from any kind or error. In any case, YUBOTO, Ltd. reserves the right to temporarily or permanently take the website off line, in whole or in part, at any time for maintenance or updates or any other reason.