Tuesday, 02 April 2024 12:33

Viber Business Calls - New Service by Yuboto in cooperation with Rakuten Viber

We’re very pleased to announce that we’re the very first to launch in the Greek market the brand new Viber Service: Business Calls.

This new service comes to complete Viber’s offering to brands and companies as it enables the app users to connect instantly and for free by voice call with any brand that has an official Viber Business Account.

In more detail, with Viber Business Calls any user can call whatever brand without any charge instantly from within the app. This way brands that are on Viber with an official Business Account become even more accessible to the app’s audience

The most important Business Calls benefits for the brands are:

Elevated customer support

Improved customer experience

More conversions through conversational commerce

More upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Viber Business Calls can be extremely useful to many industries and sectors such us: retail, e-commerce, travel, finance, logistics etc.

    Some of the most indicative use cases of Business Calls are:

  • Address account and transaction queries
  • Assist with product inquiries
  • Assist with order management and tracking
  • Schedule appointments and bookings
  • Provide post-sale support
  • Provide technical customer support

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