We are shortlisted for the Antonio Meucci Global Telco Awards in 5 categories

We are thrilled to announce that Octapush, our Omni-Channel Messaging Platform, has succeeded to stand out among hundreds of nominations at the newfound and prestigious Antonio Meucci Global Telco Awards. In specific we achieved to be featured as shortlists in 5 major award categories!

Antonio Meucci Global Telco Awards by MoreThan160

A global effort with a great vision and purpose

These innovative awards are an initiative of MoreThan160, an established Telco Consultancy, that provides various important services in the telecommunications field such as business development, marketing, HR training and consulting, among others.

A fundamental aspiration of the Antionio Meucci Awards is the global recognition and restoration of Antonio Meucci, the real father of telephony and telecommunications, as well as the establishment of his contribution. In this context, tech companies and telecommunication providers that excelled in the fields of technological innovation, disruption and general impact on our sector will be distinguished and awarded for their achievements.

Yuboto among the best in the world

We participated in this exceptional project with great pleasure and submitted nominations in 5 different award categories with astonishing results so far. We managed to stand out among prominent and successful companies and organizations by reaching the shortlist in every single category that we entered. Octapush gets a significant recognition from the global telecommunications community.

We are shortlisted in the following categories:

  • Best Enterprise SMS Provider
  • Best Enterprise Messaging Platform
  • Best CPaaS Provider
  • Best OTT Implementation
  • Best I.T. House

Check in full detail all the categories and shortlisted companies here

Our nomination as shortlisted company in 5 categories is undoubtedly a major distinction and we would like to thank the juries and MoreThan160 for the spotless process. We wish and hope to continue this journey of success by winning one or more awards after the second round of evaluation. Wish us luck!